Tuition Assignments

Were there times when you felt fatigue changing from location to location, job to job? When you felt that it is not suited for you or uncomfortable with? At, we provide tutors to take up tuition assignments. Here are some of the factors on why you should be taking up tuition assignments from a tuition centre instead of private home tuition.

-          Fixed Location

The advantage of working as a tutor/facilitator in a tuition centre is that the workplace is standardized, at a specific place of your choice depending on the various branches allocated around Singapore. This way, tutors will be able to choose a location that they are comfortable with, nearest to their homes for their assignments. In comparison to Private/Home tuitions, tutors are not given a choice to pick their locations. These tuitions take place at the residence of their tutees. Sometimes, parents may not be willing to pay extra charges to tutors, for travelling long distances to give tuition to their kids. Distance plays a key factor, especially in the long-run, tutors could find it exhausting/tiring and even frustrated if they are not paid for travelling extra miles just for the tuition assignments that they took up. These mood swings could affect the teaching ability of the tutor, depending on the professionalism/character.

-          Finding Students

Another advantage of working as a tutor/facilitator is the inherent advantage of finding students to teach. It is the job of the tuition centres to advertise and entice students to apply and have tuition in these centres. All the tutor needs is to prepare for lessons and teach. With this, there will never be the need to worry about finding more tuition assignments and the lack of students to teach as it is not their responsibility to look for students, unlike private tuitions where the tutor is required to constantly keep a lookout for tuition assignments to see where home tuition is needed.

-          Group Tuition Advantage (Added-Income)

Another advantage of working as a tutor/facilitator is that tutors are teaching a class of students, instead of one to one tuition. Needless to say, more students mean more work of course. Having to cater to every student individual needs and progress is no light duty. But on the bright side, more students would definitely mean more income. Isn’t that the ultimate aim of every working adult? To maximize their income level? However, professionalism and more dedication are definitely required in giving group tuitions. If you have a passion for teaching and derive achievement/joy in helping to improve your students’ academic ability and see them succeed, then group tuition is the right choice to make as instead of helping only one student every session, you’re actually helping a class.

-          Standard Working Hours & Choice of Timing

Another advantage of working is that tutors can choose before the start of the course, the preferred time slot every week to start classes. For Private/Home tuitions, the timing of each session must be catered to fit the tutees schedule and can also be subjected to changes. If the tuition assignments that you took from the tutee is heavily involved in CCAs (Co-Curricular Activity) in schools, then you can expect to receive many last minute changes to tuition sessions and it may be quite annoying in the long-run, especially if you have made other plans during the week and may be expected to cancel them to give that particular postponed tuition session. Well, as a tutor in tuition centres, this will not be an issue at all.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Browse through those tuition assignments in which you find suitable and take them up!